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Nem, Fried Man - Green Highway NEM RemixEXCLUSIVE

RELEASE DATE 2013-11-01
LABELS Studeo74

STUDEO74 present :NEM meets FRIED MAN thru SOUNDCLOUD.comOriginally released by Fried Man on his Unsigned Future Sellout EP in 2010, The Great Highway is an instructional song on how to enjoy San Francisco’s Great Highway, Fried Man style.The story of the songs creation goes that sometime after Fried Man moved to Ocean Beach, San Francisco in 2007, he soon discovered the stoplights on The Great Highway between Lincoln and Sloat Blvd were timed and set to 35 mph. This realization got Fried Man thinking, “Could this be the greatest stretch of road in America to smoke a joint?” Fried Man affirmed is hunch by writing and recording the song, “The Great Highway.”Fried Man made sure to write the tune in a style that would be appropriate anytime you “drive” The Great Highway, whether it be day or night, foggy or clear. He made sure to include surf and dub tones as well as stoner vibes throughout the song. He even set the song to 70bpm, which is double 35bpm, the speed limit of The Great Highway. By the time the song is done, the joint should be done pretty much too as well as reaching the end of the stretch of timed-stoplights on the road.To drive The Great Highway Fried Man’s style:1) Start with car by the Cliff House in San Francisco.2) Head south on the Great Highway3) One you pass Lincoln Blvd, immediately start playing the song, “The Great Highway” by Fried Man and light up joint.4) Set cruise control to 35mph5) Do not use breaks, sit back and puff while cursing throughout the stoplights at 35mph6) Enjoy the Ocean View, laugh at people racing to every stoplight and having to break and wait for light to turn green.7) Cruise past Sloat Blvd to end journey. Song and joint should be just about over as you pass Sloat Blvd.


Fried Man – The Surf (HD / HQ Youtube Version)

Fried Man – The Surf (HD / HQ Youtube Version)

Taking my final exam for Business Law
December 10, 2010, 10:39 PM
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Yep. I’m taking my final exam for Business Law.

Oh yeh, I went back to school.

I am attending New Mexico State University (NMSU) and majoring in Marketing & Advertising.

I started NMSU at the age of 18 in 2003. I ended up going to NMSU because my father got a new job in Las Cruces, NM when I was a Junior in High School. I was planning on applying to Bentley college in Waltham Massachusetts and possibly compete in collegiate springboard diving. I was already a state champ in diving two years in a row and we practiced at Bentley and I knew the coaches, AND my mom worked at the health dept.  Things looked pretty cozy at Bentley.

But after freshman year, I HATED diving, (even though I ended up doing it all four years of high schoo)l. And then my  father landed a new job in New Mexico around the end of my Sophmore year. So I was faced with a decision during the beginning of my junior year: Move with my family to New Mexico and finish high school there (only my senior year) , or stay in the northeast and be away from my family for a little bit. We worked out a compromise: I finished high school in massachusetts and my mother stayed with me while my father and brother moved to new mexico.

I applied to NMSU mid way through my junior year and by the time I got out of school in june, I found out i was accepted. I was the first kid in my class to be accepted to a school! This was pretty sweet I thought.

I made one visit to Las Cruces to look at houses with my parents during the summer before my senior year of high school. I think that is what sealed the deal for me to attend NMSU.

So senior year for me was AWESOME! Landed a steady gf, went to a lot of wicked raves and concerts, was driving my own little acura integra, and I was accepted to a school before senior year even started! All I had to do was maintain a “C” average throughout my senior year.

So I did, and again, I cannot stress how awesome my senior year was!

So I moved to New Mexico in late June of 2003, right after I graduated Weston High School.

NMSU was really fun for the three years I attended there; From 2003-2006. I met the next love of my life, “Kamilia” at NMSU. She literailly walked into my dorm room and it was history after that. And also by the way, if you have not heard the news,


We almost made it to 7 years. I lovoed her and still do. *sigh

The breakup has been really hard for me and really long. I’m talking like for over a year . . . .

Anyways, I left NMSU in fall of 2006 due to medical reasons. Along with Kami and I breaking up, the medical leave is a whole other story fit for like 2-3 blog posts. Juicy stuff man. I’ll tell y’all when the time is right, when I am ready.

So after going through a quarter life crisis and leaving NMSU, I moved to California in 2007 and changed direction in my life and studied audio recording and music production in San Francisco where I still currently live. I went to Pyramind and interned at IDC (Independent Distribution Collective) for a year and a half and then landed a “day job” at Olive Media in San Francisco as a QA tester/manager for audio products.  The job allows me to live in San Francisco and produce music, which is great, but If I can’t truly make it as a producer, I do need some sort of back up plan. I’m not sure if Olive Media is in my future.

I knew I wanted to go finish my marketing degree, but I was planning on going to SFState or City college. My loving mother informed me last year that NMSU is now offering complete online classes for some of their majors, and lucky me, marketing happened to be one of them!

So here I am now, taking classes online, finishing up my marketing degree! I got about 2 years to go!