The Official Blog of FRIED MAN aka Jess Friedman


Fried Man sounds like: Hip Hop. Rap.Dub. Dubstep. Electronic. Alternative. Trip Hop. Psychedelic. Rock. Surf. Metal. Garage. grunge. Lofi. Electronica. Grunge. Punk. Pop .Stoner. Industrial. Ghetto. Indie. Reggae. Ragga. Drum & Bass. Jungle. Acid. Club.

“FRIED MAN” is a Music Producer by the name of Jess Friedman. FRIED MAN HAS WORKED WITH: DJ Mendoja | Michael Grey | Justus Bends | Dan Millar | Nate Danger | FRIED MAN HAS PLAYED LIVE WITH: Justus Bends | Dan Millar | Nate Danger | Katastrophe | D.A.V.O. | Victory Party | Lafa Taylor | Hanif Wondir | DJ Busta Douglas | PLG (Paralagente) |

Fried Man Bio:
Straight from the oil slicked beaches of San Francisco, you can find “FRIED MAN” a.k.a. Jess/Jesse Friedman at home working in his “sweatshop” studio with the minimal equipment he can afford. Lucky for him, his father can afford a Mac. While still in high school, Jess started to learn the craft of making commercial crap with computers. Jess decided to go pro when” Fried Man” notarierty began building throughout his brothers boarding school with the sleazy strip club anthem of “Slap Yo Titties In My Face” blowing up amongst a student body of less than 60 kids! That was all Jess needed to pursue his dream of CREAM, Y’ALL!!! Jess Moved to the Bay Area in 2007 to avoid getting a real job and continues to make music that is fun.


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