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Two recent art collaborations with Mazzmosis & Jamie Wanya.
June 9, 2014, 6:57 PM
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jamie wanya cartoon drawing of meSo I have a friend named Megan who I met through William Shakespeare who I met through my ex and friend Kamilia. I met her because I decided to go to NMSU for school. I could go back even further beginning with the reason I met Kami is because of raving but that will go back to how I was born blah blah blah .. .Anyways, Megan has a brother named Jamie Wanya and he draws awesome cartoon-y characters. I asked him to draw me a few days ago, AND HE DID! I FUCKING LOVVVVVVE IT. So honored .. .

So I think I am going to make some edits all night while listening to the new MAZZMOSIS album! !!! I did the cover art in the center of the picture below. The theme was Life & Freedom with Native American influence. What a great Monday I am having. Peace n Luv YALL!

Check out the new MAZZMOSIS album on bandcamp (


and Jamie Wanya’s art on his facebook page .. .if you can find him

oh and I met MAZZ thru x-box live,, & dubstep ritual sf


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