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Nem, Fried Man - Green Highway NEM RemixEXCLUSIVE

RELEASE DATE 2013-11-01
LABELS Studeo74

STUDEO74 present :NEM meets FRIED MAN thru SOUNDCLOUD.comOriginally released by Fried Man on his Unsigned Future Sellout EP in 2010, The Great Highway is an instructional song on how to enjoy San Francisco’s Great Highway, Fried Man style.The story of the songs creation goes that sometime after Fried Man moved to Ocean Beach, San Francisco in 2007, he soon discovered the stoplights on The Great Highway between Lincoln and Sloat Blvd were timed and set to 35 mph. This realization got Fried Man thinking, “Could this be the greatest stretch of road in America to smoke a joint?” Fried Man affirmed is hunch by writing and recording the song, “The Great Highway.”Fried Man made sure to write the tune in a style that would be appropriate anytime you “drive” The Great Highway, whether it be day or night, foggy or clear. He made sure to include surf and dub tones as well as stoner vibes throughout the song. He even set the song to 70bpm, which is double 35bpm, the speed limit of The Great Highway. By the time the song is done, the joint should be done pretty much too as well as reaching the end of the stretch of timed-stoplights on the road.To drive The Great Highway Fried Man’s style:1) Start with car by the Cliff House in San Francisco.2) Head south on the Great Highway3) One you pass Lincoln Blvd, immediately start playing the song, “The Great Highway” by Fried Man and light up joint.4) Set cruise control to 35mph5) Do not use breaks, sit back and puff while cursing throughout the stoplights at 35mph6) Enjoy the Ocean View, laugh at people racing to every stoplight and having to break and wait for light to turn green.7) Cruise past Sloat Blvd to end journey. Song and joint should be just about over as you pass Sloat Blvd.


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