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The Origin of Hula Battle
April 17, 2012, 3:05 PM
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Hula Battle

Hula Battle is a sport created by Jess Friedman (Fried Man) & Vernon Pinot (SFV / Vernon The Gardener) in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, 2010 in . The object of the game is to make the opponents hula hoop touch the ground. Players must keep their own hoops spinning at all times until a point is scored.

3 points are scored every time an opponents hoop touches the ground. A player can stop the continuous motion of their own hoop and save it from touching the ground during play once initial contact has been made. This is only worth 1 point if a player “saves” their own hoop from touching the ground.

Games are played to 21 points. One must win by 2 points similar to common ping pong or volleyball rules.

Currently the co-creators are teaching the basic and “expanded” rules of Hula Battle on Friday’s in San Francisco at Purusha Yoga studio and around the SF Bay area at various events. Follow Hula Battle, Fried Man, and Vernon The Gardener on facebook for the latest info on all things hula battle.

SFV and Fried Man go by the name of the “Hula Guns.” One must past a series of tests and can only be made a Hula Gun by other members.

Below is a basic video explaining the basic rules of Hula Battle when it was created in 2010. Video by Fried Man.

Follow Fried Man & Vernon The Gardener on Facebook for the latest info on all things Hula Battle

Here are some additional content and links on hula battle:

facebook page

Vernon The Gardener facebook page

Fried Man facebook page

Since April of 2012, Two years after Hula Battle was officially created, select Hulaguns are teaching free Hula Battle classes at Purusha Yoga Studio in San Francisco California every Friday at 7:30 pm. All Ages. Extra Hula Hoops provided.

Free Hula Battle classes taught by The Hulaguns every Friday at 7:30 pm at Purusha Yoga Studio in San Francisco California. All Ages.


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