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NEXT FRIED MAN GIG / SHOW: 03.31.11 – club temple – 540 howard st sf – ritual dubstep – 9-10pm
March 11, 2011, 8:26 AM
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First live fried man gig of 2011

First live fried man gig of 2011

NEXT FRIED MAN GIG / SHOW: 03.31.11 – club temple – 540 howard st. sf – ritual dubstep – 9-10pm

What’s up it’s FRIED MAN. Hard work finally paid off. Mostly thanks to my 2 months on FILTH.FM

Well the RITUAL dubstep crew here in San Francisco finally invited me to play a show after I bugged them for months!

Here is the info:

540 Howard st. SAN FRANCISCO
9-10pm 1 hour dubstep setlist
(GET THERE EARLY cause i’m the opening set. Doors open at 9 when I go on)

Hey PRODUCERS . . If you want me to spin your track live, e-mail a high quality mp3 to:

More info to come . . .


March 1, 2011, 1:51 AM
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After working a semi-stressful day, I went out to dinner with a friend to stay blow off some steam after work. So I get home at 8 tonight and start recording music cause I am feeling inspired and positive.

…So now it’s midnight and I want to keep recording! I’m totally inspired to work hard on music and get oh so closer to success so I can quit my day job and get paid to do what I love….

And here comes the dilemma . . . .

I may get alot of useful material tonight, or I may not, it’s still really fun for me to stay up late and record and work on music. I’ve always worked better when: 1) I’m staying up late
2) Putting off more important things like: HW, Work, Cleaning, Eating, Sleeping!

So is feeling like utter shit tomorrow at work worth the risk of maybe getting some great material? If I stay up late tonight, it’ll wipe me out the next night. I will be too tired to work, plus I will have a miserable day which will just make me depressed, not inspired.

I can’t motivate myself to produce music or even work on trying to gain success or change my situation when I feel depressed. And so I gotsa get some rest and try to produce work on weekends and evenings . . . .The risk ain’t worth the sacrifice of feeling like shit the next day. Or is it..?

Because when I am feeling it, I am FEELING IT! I have to jump on any opportunity of inspiration right AWAY and capture all my feelings and ideas before they go missing in my brain . . .

*(I say missing because some people believes every experience a human has, the brain may remember it forever, or some part of it at least.)

It’s very hard for me to be creative on command like on the weekends, which are free for me. I work Mon thru Fri 8am-5pm. I’m usually so tired from the work week, that I end up being pretty unproductive on the weekends. But that is party because I am taking the risk of staying up late to produce some great material.

I can only be so creative when I make it a job, or a routine, when I do it on a schedule. For me, it is pretty random when inspiration strikes. It sucks too because I have alot of good ideas on muni while riding to work. I wish I could record right on the spot. I think I am going to take this inspiration that strikes me on my morning commute and use photography to express my ideas instead.

I do however know that enhancing my life experiences can enhance my creativity. Doing things such as traveling, meeting new people, always learning new things . . .

But ultimately I need a better source of income that allows me to be create music more randomly, when ever I FEEL LIKE IT!