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New Filth.FM Dubstep Set from Fried Man February 2011
February 22, 2011, 1:46 AM
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2nd Fried Man Filth.FM February 2011 Dubstep Set

2nd Fried Man Filth.FM February 2011 Dubstep Set

CLICK HERE FOR THE SETLIST (Link will open in new window)Fried Man spinning live dubstep including his own music from San Francisco California, USA. Saturday nights 6-8pm PST / 9-11 pm EST / 2-4am Sunday mornings GMT.E-MAIL your tunes to: FriedMan@Filth.FM if you want me to spin your track in my next set.

SETLIST for 2nd Fried Man February 2011 set:

01 Fried Man – The Great Highway
02 Point.Blank ft. Helicopter Showdown – Whistle Tips
03 Datsik – Fathom
04 Dutty Dubz-Gameboy Love
05 6blocc – Legalize it (East Coast Mix)
06 Fried Man – Trolls
07 Slp – Lemon Fist
08 Jake – In Tha Place To Be
09 Dub Crookz – Horn Peddla
10 Fried Man – Bitch
11 Caspa & Rusko – Power Shower
12 Chop Chop – Bumlug
13 DJ Instigate – What Else You Gonna Do?
14 Bar 9 – Murda Sound (Eskmo Remix)
15 Zeds Dead – Doin Time (Zeds Dead Summer Grime Remix)
16 Emalkay – Super Duper
17 Fried Man – Worm Box
18 Kode9 & The Spaceape – Portal
19 Fried Man – Simple (Feat DJ Mendoja)
20 Stickybuds – Eat A Porkchop (Datsik Remix)
21 Fried Man – Skulls
22 Chop Chop – No Style
23 Fried Man – Canadia
24 Cadenza – Disrupt The Whole Scene
25 Fried Man – The Metal
26 Substep Infrabass – The Entity (Echo Dub)
27 Fried Man – I Want (Instrumental Fried Mix)
28 The Widdler – Final Stage
29 Fried Man – Kaneda & Teddy Bears

Fried Man aka Jess Friedman is a multi-genre music producer & dj from San Francisco that focuses on dubstep, electronic music, hip-hop, and rock music, (punkrock, garage, surf, alternative).While he derives most of his inspiration from non-musical sources, psychedelic tones and rhythmic beats underlie Fried Man’s music. Since he was 15, Fried Man has been recording and producing music in a lo-fi/DIY style, mainly using minimal equipment and computer hardware/software setup’s that are easily transportable.

A supporter of independent music, Fried Man has been releasing tunes since 2009 for digital download. A current fan of Ableton Live, Fried Man’s unique mixing style can be heard when he dj’s for dubstep sets and hip-hop performances.


February 14, 2011, 7:45 PM
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See Here:

FINALLY MOFO’s! Filth. FM gave me an official time slot. Looks like they bumped me to saturday night from 6-8 pm california time which is 2-4am UK time on a sunday morning. Two pretty good prime time slots for North America & UK / Europe!


Fried Man – Live Dubstep Set On Filth.FM (02.06.2011)
February 7, 2011, 1:31 AM
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Fried Man – Live Dubstep Set On Filth.FM (02.06.2011)

Fried Man live dubstep set from San Francisco- Sunday 6th, February 2011

E-MAIL TRACKS TO If you want me to play your songs in my set! ! !

It already worked for the artist “Dreamer.”

If you liked the set, leave a comment on the podomatic site at the bottom! THANKS!

fried man – live dubstep on 02.06.11 setlist

01 fried man – h&k
02 fried man – back to the 90’s
03 bassnectar – the 808 track (feat. might high coup)
04 sensai – destruction
05 urban assault – scarface (drumstep mix)
06 freestylers feat. pendulum – painkiller (kouncilhouse mix)
07 fried man – why not me (instrumental mix)
08 fried man – slow
09 fried man – k-pins
10 dreamer – once upon a time
11 ed solo – egyptian horns
12 substep infrabass – 666
13 bar9 – smokestack
14 datsik – fathom
15 fried man – worm box
16 amanda blank – might like you better (rusko mix)
17 flux pavillion – how rude
18 kevin rudolf – welcome to the world (high rankin’ mix)
19 fried man – the metal
20 kode9 & the spaceape – portal
21 fried man – canadia
22 chase & status – saxon
23 fried man – trolls
24 wickaman & sylo – get mad (dubstep mix)
25 fried man – skulls
26 la roux – i’m not your toy (nero mix)
27 fried man – pollon boy of the juarez cartel

Fire Hoop on “GLEE”
February 1, 2011, 8:33 PM
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So during the new “GLEE” episode, they do a number to Katy Perry’s “California Girls” song and during the sequence, there are some cheerleaders with fire hoops.


-Fried Man