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The Official 2nd broadcast on Filth.FM (Fried Man Live Dubstep Set On Filth.FM 01.30.11)
January 29, 2011, 12:46 PM
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The Official 2nd broadcast on Filth.FM (Fried Man Live Dubstep Set On Filth.FM 01.30.11)


Fried Man - Live Dubstep Set On Filth.FM <01.

Well I don’t know what happened exactly but Filth.FM finally uploaded my live dubstep mix after I resubmitted it yesterday.

They redesigned their website over the past week. I know that the website went down for like 2 days and my e-mails to them kept getting rejected so maybe they weren’t ignoring me. Perhaps I was a lil paranoid? I dunno . . .


Look, I’m being productive . . .
January 23, 2011, 12:23 AM
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Here is some new blog content to show the world I am not dead. . . .

Downtown Oakland

I took this pic at my friends house "Jersey" in downtown Oakland. He is the dude in the picture. I found something visually pleasing about this scene. Kinda comforting ina sense. Found in San Francisco Jan 2011.

Found on Bart Jan 2011

Spotted on BART Jan 2011. Fuckin' American Flag Vans ! ! ! AMMMURRKUHHH I want a pair!

Shovelface over my mic stand

Shovelface over my mic stand for inspiration. The mic in the picture is actually my friend Michael's mic. It's a Shure mic, the same one used to record the album Thriller by MJ

recording with michael

Recording with my friend Michael on a saturday night in the norcobe. He is a rapper from the East Bay. We met at a "We All We Got" show in SF last year. We are working on a hip hop tune set to the beat of "Herbacide."

Here is a picture of the construction of the new Transbay Terminal in Downtown San Francisco. This is literally right across the street from my work. For some reason, this scene makes me think of DUBSTEP. Like some transformer or skynet robots are going to step over the bridge rubble and start shooting n shit.....all set to some Datsik song . . .


Here is an M&M at a store somewhere in Colma or Daly City or SSF

Here is a picture of my friend Elias doing something to the M&M. Fuck you Elias! Get out of my shot!

"No! Fuck You Fried Man!" - Elias

WTF is wrong with this M&M?

Blue seaglass I found at Ocean Beach San Francisco, Fort Funston & Pacifica.

RedBull turns into RedCat
January 20, 2011, 2:18 PM
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RedBull tab

Check out the tab on the Red Bull cans. Looks like a Bull, right?


Looks like a Cat, huh . . .


Yeh, all I did was break off one lil piece. I’ve been doing this for a while, thought the interweb would like to know.

-Fried Man

Fried Man – Live Dubstep Set on Filth.FM 01.16.2011
January 16, 2011, 8:55 AM
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Fried Man - Live Dubstep Set on Filth.FM 01.16.2011

Fried Man - Live Dubstep Set on Filth.FM 01.16.2011

Fried Man – Live Dubstep Set on Filth.FM 01.16.2011


Recorded in Ocean Beach, San Francisco

This set was never uploaded to Filth.FM. Their servers / website recently crashed. I am not sure if that is the reason or they just don’t like me.  Filth.FM might have stopped responding to me for the following reasons:

-I interrupted their broadcast by accident for a minute
-They didn’t like my mixing, tracklist, vocals, or something else on my first mix
-I sound amateur
-I’m American
-I received low plays for my first mix compared to other artists
-Other . . . . .

So I uploaded my 2nd mix on sunday morning of Jan 16th, 2011. I e-mailed them to remind them I had uploaded it and was ready for it to be played Sunday night. It never got played. It never got published to their podomatic website. Two other mixes from different artists were published AFTER I submitted mine. These mixes were submitted after the 16th and published.

I am sad because I paid $50 bucks to be a guest DJ on for a month and they just started to ignore me after I posted my first mix. I am supposed to be able to upload 4-5 mixes in total for the month of Jan.

Looks like I will not be uploading a mix for Jan 23rd : (


01 Amit – Roots vs Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrell – Drop It Like It’s Hot
02 Datsik – Southpaw
03 Bassnectar & Datsik – YES
04 Blackmass Plastics – Suck Your Mum
05 Fried Man – Skulls
06 The Others – Freakshow
07 Fried Man – The Metal
08 Excision & Datsik – Calypso
09 Kaza – Rendevous With Death
10 Mr. Curtamos – Trouble
11 Fried Man – Canadia
12 Excision & Datsik – Invaders
13 Fried Man – Trolls
14 Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone (Doorly Remix)
15 Fried Man – 12 Bars
16 Fried Man – Simple
17 Fried Man – Herbacide
18 Von D Feat. Phephe – Show Me
19 Modestep – Exile
20 Datsik – Nuke ‘Em
21 Caspa – Floordem
22 Fried Man – Bitch
23 Fried Man – Worm Box
24 Fried Man – This Is What Drugs Do To You
25 Stickybuds – Eat A Porkchop (Datsik Remix)
26 Emalkay – Powertool
27 Rusko – Cockney Thug (Tek9 Remix)
28 Fried Man – Overdose
29 Caspa & Rusko – Well ‘Ard
30 Cookie Monsta – Ginger Pubes vs Fried Man – The Surf

8-10pm PST (California time)

I walked 4 miles today
January 14, 2011, 12:45 AM
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…Cuz I didn’t feel like paying MUNI . . .

If you missed my live broadcast on of my dubstep set . . .
January 11, 2011, 10:11 PM
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Fried Man - Live Dubstep Set On Filth.FM (01.09.2011)

For all y’all that missed my live broadcast on of my dubstep set, check it out here:

(will open in a new tab)

……To be honest, I dunno if a live broadcast ever happened. fuck it.

Y’all can listen / download the set on as well. It is split into a first & second half, each about an hour long. Check it out here:

Fried Man – Live Dubstep Set On Filth.FM (01.09.2011)

(link will open in a new window)


FILTH FM -Fried Man Live From San Francisco – Sunday 9th Janurary
Setlist 01.09.2011 fried man

fried man
music producer/dj extrodinaire from ocean beach san francisco california

representing the bay area

and california

i’ll be spinning sunday nights from 8-10 pm california time for the whole month of janurary. on thats 11pm-1am east coast time and 4am-6am for all you pioneers of the whole fuckin sound out there in the uk. I feel that it’s one of the best time slots for listening to dubstep.

E-mail me at for requests. Send your high quality tracks too, we can receive up to 25mb.

01 fried man – 12 bars
02 fried man – simple feat dj mendoja
05 fried man herbacide
04 fried man – the metal
05 fried man – canadia
06 iTAL tEK – deep pools
07 Fried Man – worm box (feat vernon the gardener)
08 Skream – Make Me
09 Datsik & Downlink – Against the Machines
10 Fried Man – Skulls
11 Datsik – Nuke ‘Em
12 Excision – Get To The Point (feat. Liquid Stranger)
13 Datsik & Excision – TEflon
14 Genetix – Squid Attack
15 Hoax – Jericho
16 Downlink – Gamma Ray
17 Trolley Snatcha – The Future
18 Dream – Wicked Man VIP
19 Ivory – Hand Grenade (Excision & Datsik Dubstep Mix)
20 Fried Man – Trolls
21 Downlink – Android
22 Stickybuds – Eat a Pork Chop (Datsik Remix)
23 AlphaΩ – Wicked Man Drop
24 Defcon – Cruisin’ My Hood
25 Datsik – Southpaw
26 – Bassnectar & Datsik – YES
27 Blackheart – Dum Dumz (Original Remix)
28 FuntCase – Gorilla Flex (Original Mix)
29 Prospecta – Pop It Off
30 Cookie Monsta – Ginger Pubes


Just got done recording my dubstep mix for tomorrow nights show on
January 8, 2011, 10:08 PM
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Yup. I just finished and submitted my dubstep mix for tomorrow nights show on Instead of recording the 2 hr set live, I decided to mix it in Logic Pro, just like the good ole days when I would create mixes in Acid Pro. I thought it would sound cleaner than ableton live, which it does…but it took  me about 12 hours instead of 2…..


Remember kids, Fried Man is spinning dubstep tomorrow night from 8-10 pm (PST) on internet radio