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December 9, 2010, 1:50 AM
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So I made a facebook post today that went something like this:

“Gettin paid at my day job to prepare for my night job. I’m listenin to dubstep radio, picking out tunes for dj sets ; )”

Which got me thinking . . . .

There are a few electronic music genre’s that are filled with videogame samples, Dubstep being one of them. Today, I heard some killer tunes with samples from: Mortal Kombat, Mario, Duke Nukem 3D, Sonic, Street Fighter, MegaMan and more.

I know it’s one thing to play samples or songs with samples at live events and get away with it 99% of the time, but what about releasing commercial music. I have always stayed away from releasing any commercial music with unapproved samples in them just cause I don’t want to get sued.

Why do I say unapproved? Because most electronic artists don’t license their samples. It’s usually too expensive. That’s in my experience at least. I can imagine only the really popular electronic artists like The Prodigy or Chemical Bros would license their samples

And it sucks because sampling is a great way of advertising. It can be easier to get exposure if you use some great samples.

Will some forms of electronic music never be popular enough to be sued for illegal samples? probably. But I find that hard to believe for an artist like Datsik. He has a wicked new tune out that is full of Duke Nukem 3D samples.

I think he will get busted, it’s only a matter of time… and what usually happens for smaller artists that are busted? Do they end up being forced to profit share? license the sample and split with the publisher? Are most owners of the samples cool? Like videogame producers? (I find that hard to believe as well : P).

I really want to release music with samples. Not only am I missing out on creating awesome music, but the WORLD is missing out on me.

Maybe I just need money to license all these great samples.


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