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I received a SHOVEL FACE SKULL from Vernon The Gardener
November 6, 2010, 8:28 PM
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I wanted to plant some more of Vernon The Gardener’s art in the SOB side of the NORCOB. Because the ROB is dominated by his art while only a few residencies in the SOB sport his art.

Home of the FRIED MAN

Home of the FRIED MAN

Thank you Vernon The Gardener for creating some FRIED MAN art. Check out the Shovel Face Skull. Vernon made the Fried Man sign out of an old trash can.

So Vernon takes a picture of every person that receives a shovel face from him. This was the resulting picture.

Fried Man Y Burrito

Fried Man Y Burrito

We had it staged because I was thinking I could use it for cover art. We’ll see. It took Burrito a few tries to pose like that, it was quite funny. Picture taken by Vernon in his house.

This picture is a funny outtake from when I was taking pictures of the skull and the fried man sign outside my place.

Notice something in the background? WHAT IS SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN.



Creebeedees = Stands for Creepy BD (BD is Burrito’s nickname.)


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I’ve been thinking that I wish our district still had its old name, “Point Lobos” rather than “Richmond.” One reason is that there isn’t a city across the Bay named Point Lobos. The other is that, as close as I am to the Seal Rock (the original Point Lobos), I would like our area to reflect that.

My own opinion; take or leave.

Comment by Gabriel Lampert

Point Lobos is pretty cool. I wish The city was still called Yerba Buena too.

Comment by FRIED MAN a.k.a. Jess Friedman

Yeh. The sign and skull was stolen today (12.01.10)

Comment by FRIED MAN a.k.a. Jess Friedman

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