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Liam from Lucas Arts
August 21, 2010, 12:59 AM
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Today I met Liam on the N Judah Muni.

I was riding home from work, deep in a conversation with my Vietnamese co-worker/friend. People seemed to be intrigued by our very lively discussion. I noticed a few passengers nodding their heads in agreement while others seemed to be rolling their eyes and squirming in their seats, probably because they disagreed with me. Just kidding. It was a total fluff conversation. Although I do enjoy small chit chat with most of my co-workers. It’s a pretty unique relationship now that I think about it, the friendships co-workers form. Not too friendly to where I could help him/her move out of their apt, but friendly enough to help move furniture at work. That’s some Jerry Seinfeld shit.

So back to my conversation with my co-worker. He does not speak English very well so we talked about one of the only things someone can talk about in this given context, sports! We were talking about how it was funny that the A’s were playing the Ray’s due to the naming of the teams when a familiar sight caught the corner of my eye.


Wait....Eye catching I know, What the fuck is on the cover? A Waveform or a MagicKarp on some bad pills?

This passenger somehow appeared right beside me and quickly drew my attention to the book he was carrying. It was the apple pro training series book about Logic Pro 9, the program I use the most to produce music. And it was the same book series that’s used at Pyramind, (the audio school I went to in San Francisco.) So I asked him if he goes to Pyramind. He said no. He didn’t even know what Pyramind was. I was very surprised! Now that I look back on it, it was silly for me to assume my school was the only source of this textbook. Fuck dude, it’s the 7,511 most popular book on

So then we got talking about Logic Pro and music production. I was happy to hear him bash Pro Tools,

(I shake my fist at you Digidesign every time I pass your stupid ass building in DC. You fuckers ain’t even in The City, bitches), but soon caught on that he was not quite a music producer, because he bashed Reason as well.


Everybody knows reason is badass mannnn……  He was def a machead. I said that I use Logic Pro to produce music while he said he mostly uses it to compose/edit music for movies. He mentioned he uses it at work, so I soon asked him what he does for work.

He then promptly said those mythical words with a big grin on his face, “Lucas Arts.”