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Dear Comcast…v.2
June 30, 2009, 11:53 PM
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Dear Comcast. I have a great idea that will make TV advertising more effective.
I WANT TO CHOOSE WHAT COMMERCIALS I WANT TO SEE! Yes, I actually want to be shown commercials. Basically all you have to do Comcast is create a setting that allows the TV viewer to pick and choose categories of commercials they want to see. The more specific and detailed, the better.   It’s a win/win situation.

TV Advertising now is INEFFECTIVE because it is old, wasteful, and ONE SIDED. This is how I view it. Imagine walking into a busy market, standing in the middle, and just letting people come up to you and pitch products. You can’t move, You can’t choose what you want to see, what you want advertised to you. How effective is that? Not very…. The merchants have to guess what to sell to you. They might do some research on you and basically guess what you want to buy, but, it’s not as effective as…. ….ready? Being able to move through the market and SEEK WHAT YOU WANT TO BUY.  Just apply this to tv advertising by letting viewers choose what they want shown to them. 

So I know the technology is out there, especially with DTV now and Comcast On-Demand and all that. Again, the solution to making TV advertising more effective is to let the TV viewer pick and choose what they want advertised.  . So c’mon COMCAST, Let’s discuss how to advertise better and more effectively.


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Hulu does this with some programming; they ask you to select one of 3 choices. Something like “which advertising experience do you prefer?”

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